Friday, April 18, 2014

NOVA Open Charity: The Dragon Rises

 Major progress has been posted up on this dragon. He is just knocking the sand out of his eyes after his nap. He was deathly tired.

 This vampire lord had a bone to pick with his lazy dragon.
 Maybe there were a lot of bones to pick with his zombie master.
 How many puns can we get....
 The point being, Game of Thrones doesn't have the only dragons.
 No guts, no glory.
 The remaining parts are some minor details; flocking and some resin to add gristle to the guts. That, "just rotted and guts spilled look" One of the last additions will be to add the game legal base. 150mm by 100mm!
The lights are installed of course, but we will save that show for the final model.

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