Price Information

Wyrd Hobby Service Price Information

Single Model: 25mm - 32mm
Assembly Cost

This amount is based on raw model cleaning, priming and mounting to the models appropriate base.

Plastic Infantry: $1.00
Metal Infantry: $1.75
Multi-part Infantry Plastic: $2.00
Cavalry models (mount + rider): $4.00
Finecast Infantry: $2.50 
Large Monster: $5.00-10.00
 -Includes 60mm circle bases and 50mm square bases. Larger models must be emailed for quote.
-$5.00 will automatically be added if the model is finecaset. *
Vehicle: $10.00-20.00

*Finecast: Due to the general faulty nature of Gamesworkshop finecast product, these incur higher rates due to small to large levels of repair work that can be involved. Note: standard resin models, for example Forgeworld, will not be grouped into this category. 

If you wish to assemble your own models, once the product is received, no further cleaning or adjusting will be done. Make sure you are happy with how they look before handing a model or project over.

In the case of shipped models, please package models appropriately for shipping. On our end, damaged product will be repaired for no charge for up to 5 breaks. The same respect would hope to be received when return shipping.

Product should be shipped in sealed bags, envelops, or containers. For example; squad A bits all in the same bag, no Squad B etc. Special parts clearly labeled if needed for a certain model.

Conversion Rates

I take great pride in conversion work and consider it the way to stand out from the others armies, models, or squads. I will work closely with a client to help bring an ambition, dream, or certain look to life. Conversion projects can be proposed and accepted solely on conversions, no painting services are required if you wish.

This cannot be denoted to a per model fee. A squad or army conversion project will be budgeted by you; same for a single large model or vehicle. A plan will be thoroughly discussed and laid out ahead of time concerning the theme, overall look, or finished concept.

Depending on the complexity or finished look you wish to achieve, small bits or parts can sometimes only be attained by buying a complete box set. Those costs should be included in the overall budget.


There are 3 levels of basing offered. With each level, prices will double for each base range. For example, square bases; a core 20mm base is $1.00, while a core 40mm base will be $2.00.

Below are infantry base size quotes.

Core: Ballast or hobby sand, painted, dry brushed, and static grass. $1.00 per base.

Upgraded: height variations with rock slabs, hills, or stonework. Ballast or hobby sand, painted, dry brushed, and static grass. $2.00

Custom: After market bases bought from other companies. Pricing depends on base style and cost.

Painting Costs

 Three levels of painting services are offered here at Wyrd Hobbys. No matter the level, all models are finished with a matte finish.

Level 1: 4.25 - $5.25

This involves base coats and one layer of metallic drybrush if needed. Base Coats are then washed. Painting eyes is a 0.75 up charge per model.

Level 2: $7.50 - $9.50

Level 2 is a base coat applied and metallic drybrush if needed. Then the model is washed appropriately and 1 highlight is added. Eyes and face details are included. Fine details are painted and highlighted.

Level 3: $15.00 - $30.00
This is your hero or leader level of painting.  It follows level 2 but then adds extra layers of highlights and blending. More time is put into this level to achieve a center piece look.

No matter the level, cavalry models will be double the price. Level 1 cavalry will be $8.50-10.50. etc. This is because it is realistically two models.

Larger models, monsters, carts, chariots and vehicles could be a higher price and it will vary on the model. Email is required to discuss terms.

Centerpiece Level: This is a new painting option and is priced based on a per commission basis. Each project will be extensively discussed with a client and a budget or total cost set ahead of time to include, conversions, basing, and painting. This level includes basing and complete model customization not limited to conversions and special effects lighting.


Custom terrain, display boards, and complete gaming surfaces are all available. Anything from tree bases, to ruins, to a 2x2 inn are open. The possibilities are endless and would involve working closely with a client to determine a final product goal.


Before beginning a project, we must have half the total cost of the project as a down payment. Project timelines do not begin until models are received, not when a client ships.


Average project timelines will range from two to six weeks depending on project size, volume, and complexity. Here at Wyrd Hobby Services, I am a solo operation; if you are set on an event deadline or tournament, that must be discussed before hand.  Project timelines do not begin until all models, products, or materials are received. 


Payment can be made through Paypal, Money Orders, and cash if in the local area. Email receipt of money orders will be sent upon receiving. No Personal checks accepted.

Money orders can be made out to Jeremy Williams.

Paypal should be sent to

Final cost payments will be settled before shipping or handing models over to a client. Including shipping costs.

Forgotten Projects

If a client does not make a final payment within three months of completion or made arrangements for payment; the models or project will be forfeit and all down payments will not be refunded. 


Shipping prices start at  $5.35 (small flat rate box, 8x5x1). All shipping goes through the USPS and will use they're flat rate box rates.

If you wish to send models in an army transport case, that will be negotiated and agreed upon before beginning a project.

Existing Work

If you are looking to match existing paint or conversion work I will do my best to make it match. It will never be 100% the same. A sample model is needed to be sent with the unpainted models. Colors will be matched to the best of my ability. 

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