Saturday, September 21, 2013

White Lights

Seeing the white light! Not really but I am seeing some scars... White Scars that is. Bulked out some tactical squads for an up and coming White Scars 40k army.

 Models were supplied built and the client will be finishing up the basing.

 These models are a painting level 2 on pre-built and pre-primed models.

Till next time!

Friday, September 6, 2013

The Last of the Samurai

47 Ronin! 13 Assassins! Tom Cruise! We have got it all. Well actually not that at all, but this was a special 20mm historical project. 

200 Samurai and Ashigaru infantry showed up and were part of a hybrid commission. This is what Wyrd will refer to as a Base Coat Merc Job. We gathered up the A-Team and got Hannibal making a plan.

 The client was looking for a base coat system, with some fun instructions as to randomizing colors for cool battle field realism.

Whew, the field trip to feudal Japan is over but it was a blast painting up some really nice miniatures. Again, this was a hybrid commission not listed in the pricing guidelines.

Cya next time!