Sunday, December 8, 2013

Armies and Models for Sale

Wyrd is looking to part ways with some painted armies and models. Please feel free to check out and read the information below.

First off is a couple of completed armies, I would like to keep them intact but everything is negotiable.

More photos available upon request. Please direct inquiries to

M = metal model
P= Plastic model

Rohan Army: 550-600 points

This army was designed around the battle at the fords of Isen. It received top painting marks and a best appearance award at a Chicago land tournament of ~30 participants from around the country.

The army was displayed in conjunction with a dunland and uruk force storming the fords. Most of the models have a resin water effect on the bases.

The cavalry was designed and converted from historical and gamesworkshop lines of models. The royal guard are conversions from different rohan heroes and custom cloak sculpting. The outriders are conversions from rangers of gondor with rohan infantry helms to give them the stock model look while also making them stand out.

The diorama display is available for purchase as well as the counter part dunland/uruk army to match them on the display if interested in the complete look.

Theodred on foot: Stock Model M

Kings Archer: Conversion P

Erkenbrand mounted and on foot: conversion M

Eowyn/captain: conversion M

5 rohan royal guard: conversions M

6 outriders: conversions P

10 rohan warriors on foot P

1 banner man M

10 riders of rohan: conversions M/P

4 models for dismounted cavalry: converted from celtic historical and GW models

 Dunland and Isengard alliance: 600(+) points


This is the counter army to the rohan force listed above. It received top paint marks and at a previous national tournament, Adepticon 2009, the dunland models tied for first in best appearance and were part of the winning appearance for the Lord of the rings Team event at Adepticon 2010.

The feral uruk hai have undergone head swaps to attain a Viking berserker look.

Thrydan Wolfsbane: Conversion from Eorl the young on foot M

2 dunland chieftains: weapon and shield additions M

Wild warg chieftain: conversion P

10 Dunland warrior with shield: stock M

5 dunland warrior with two handed weapon: stock M

5 dunland warrior with bow: stock M

3 wildling warriors with shield M

4 feral uruk hai: conversions: M

12 wild wargs: half converted P

Extra dunland models

This army went through a couple variations so there are some models that are not part of the 600 point list above but painted at the same time and likeness.

3 dunland warriors with shield: stock M

3 wildings with two handed weapon: converted with bows on back M

 Fiefdoms Army: 350(+) points

This army, albeit smaller, was made as part of a team event for adepticon 2009 Lord of the Rings event.

Forlong the fat: Cirion the bold model, stock M

11 axemen of lossarnach: stock M

3 axemen of lossarnach: helmet conversions: M

5 axemen of lossarnach: converted to 1 handed axe and custom shield decal M

Not built or painted at the same time, there are 4 swan knight conversions and a mounted captain. These were done prior to the infantry being built or painted.

These models were made from plastic knights of gondor kits and head swaps from 2nd age numenor models and shields. Extra green stuff horse barding and capes were sculpted.

4 swan knights of dol amroth: mounted with lance

1 captain of dol amroth or gondor mounted with lance

4 swan knight dismounts

1 captain dismount

Misc Large Models

Witch King on fell beast: Converted to be pounced on the dead rohan models M

GW figure case with custom foam insert available for this model.

Watcher in the Water: custom built and sculpted watcher in the water

1 cave troll: converted weapon and armor additions M

1 metal mordor troll: converted from the catapult troll variation

1 mordor troll: stock, original metal version

1 plastic mordor troll: converted and primed black

WAB historical: Age of Chivalry Teutonic Order 1000 points

11 Teutonic knights
15 order infantry
17 native militia + 3 teutonic order command (unit of 20)
10 crossbow w/pavise

movement trays and fitted foam trays included with the models.

There are also a couple lose unpainted models of each variety as listed above. 

3 teutonic knights mounted
2 crossbow militia
10 teutonic knights on foot
3 teutonic knight casualties
Weapons and shields

Here is a list of some more primed and bare type models. Some are those classic old school metals before finecrap! historic stuff here!

Misc Rings Models

Good: painted

3 metal men of numenor spearmen: painted 
Metal faramir: painted (heroes of helms deep)
Old school armored balin: painted

Evil: painted

3 metal easterling swords: painted
1 metal easterling banner
1 metal easterling capt

15 metal morannon orcs: converted hand weapons: painted


10 moria with shield
20 moria with spear
20 moria with bow
3 metal armored wood elf with sword
3 metal armored wood elf with bow
Gimli: heroes of helms deep

Bare metal or plastic

1 gandalf the white: heroes of helms deep, bare metal
Metal balrog with plastic wings: new in box.