Sunday, March 17, 2013

An Unexpected Party

A couple days from the release of the Hobbit on DVD and we have got some party goers to celebrate.

 It was fun to get into the new Hobbit line of miniatures; they are all great sculpts. Lots of individual details for each character.

 A lot of the groups clothing has blank areas along the edges that lends itself to free hand work if you wish. These guys were a little more simple at level 2.
 Anyone think Gloin's axes were handed down to gimli?

Monday, March 11, 2013

Kings of War

March madness has ramped up and with it comes some Mantic Dwarves.

 A large unit of Kings of War's dwarf warriors that can stand in for a Hammerers unit. Level 1 painting that matches up with previous rank and file dwarves as seen in earlier posts. Going with them are a couple level 3 heroes. Starting off above is Ranger Thane Rune. Should match up great next to a unit of quarrelers. 

 A limited edition banner bearer stands ready next to a dwarf lord with shield bearers.

Matching some blues and reds with the primary purple scheme makes for some fun combos that still lend to a unifying look.

Monday, March 4, 2013

White Scars

 Finished up some White Scars. Supplied built by the client and were going to finish up the bases. These guys clocked in at level 2.
 Straight up by the book paint scheme, I think they came out great and the client really liked them.
 Power armor is always a fun distraction from drybrushing metallics...