Terrain Samples

 The most recent large scale 4x6 terrain sample. Zuzzy mat, custom runway, revell model planes, Dust tactics huts.
Having great models can sometimes be brought down by playing on nothing or shoddy surfaces! Maybe you are looking for a center piece castle for your store front window? Maybe you need a great looking display board for an upcoming tournament? Or maybe you just want some basic trees and hills for your kitchen table. 

Some of these samples are quite large and fall in the category of table top center pieces. 

Terrain commissions require a lot of space and careful attention to shipping.  

 Balsa wood boat army display board.
 Castle ruins and fall tree bases.
 Ruined cathedral.

 Custom river ford battle scene for army display. Sunk bases.
 5 foot tall tower of Orthanc with 5 inch diameter smoke plumes, optional tea lights.
 3.5 foot by 6 foot ruined fantasy city.
Fantasy inn/tavern. 2 foot by 2 foot total size.

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