Painting Samples

Here are some samples of different levels of painting. Depending on a projects size and the level of service requested, the time will vary. Squad orders or piecemeal orders expedite a projects completion.

 Level 2 with head swap conversions

 Level 2 Gripping Beast Teutonics and Spearmen

 Level 2 Goblins with massive conversion work. Level 3 face highlighting

 Level 1 Gripping Beast peasants with eye details, level 2 teutonics.

 Level 2 Space marine, example the high end of price estimate due to number of details in the model.

 Large monster, level 2 with custom base, head and body conversion/repositions.

 Level 2 Space marine with hand painted camo.

 Level 2 Spearmen

Level 2 with free hand tattoos (level 3 type details)

Centerpiece Level

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