Sunday, January 26, 2014

Back to Banzai!

Back, well I never left, but it has been a while. Been working on some long term commissions around the work table. A couple of which, surprise surprise, revolving around some tournament and convention deadlines.

We are going straight back to the 2nd great war. All aboard the magic school bus and first stop 1942 Japan/China.

This is a Warlord games set of figures for they're Bolt Action game system. It is a 1000 point army list built from the Fall of Singapore theater selection.

Bolt Action is a squad based game, not individual. Here are a couple of the Japanese squads and special weapons units that have been completed except for basing.

Maybe a bad omen for any gaming table is fielding causalities, but sometimes grim reminders to real war keeps things grounded. Maybe this fellow banzai-ed into the wrong marine beach head. 

This little fella is a tankette and was an armored recon tank with a medium machine gun. Don't mistake the little cute size for effectiveness.

Rounding out the vehicles for this force is a 6 wheeled truck with a mounted AA gun.

Still on the work board is a veterans squad and a light mortar squad. They are armed with "knee" mortars. As well as a command squad, flame thrower, and sniper teams.

Second stop is North Africa. In preparation for Chicagolands big convention, Adepticon, in April; Wyrd has taken on building a 6x4 German airfield. Supplies are beginning to filter in for the war effort.

Bolt Action is a very terrain dependent game, so the client wants lots of stuff for a very in depth battle field.

The main concept I am working off of is the Raiders of the Lost Ark scene around the airplane. Setting a scene for a platoon to attack an airfield and stop secret orders from leaving the airstrip!