Conversion Samples

Welcome!  If you have made it this far you will want to see some samples. Conversions are my pride and joy and it is by far the most fun I get from the hobby.

Conversions are something that makes your army stand apart; it makes people stop and look at your army or comment on a model. So why not make some waves.

My work ranges from weapon, head, and limb swaps to body swapping and repositioning. Particularly large repositioning requires rebuilding large parts of models.

Historical, fantasy, science fiction; no matter the genre I will work with you to get that great custom model you want in your collection. No painting service required! Come change it up!

 Neck, head, and tail repositioning. Metal model
 Warhammer 40k Drop pod and Rhino mash-up, great for new flyer rules! Plastic components

 Action pose marines!
 Warhammer 40k Grey Knights dreadknight and landspeeder.
 Head swap, custom weapon, forgeworld arm repositioning.
 Head swap, greenstuff cape, rearing horse.
 Troll mash-up.

 Body swaps, and greenstuff chainmail. Weapon and arm rotations.

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