Sunday, March 16, 2014

Tomb of the Dragon's Eye

News from the cutting board. With Adepticon looming and more deadlines than I care to count, good progress has been made on the NOVA open charity piece. The resin dust, melted plastic, and foam has settled, lets see what we have.

Here is our groups facebook page Wounded Warriors Hobby Projects. Follow the different projects that will be part of the charity auction at the NOVA Open!

A big thank you and major props to our patron/sponsor, Eric Fontaine for making these projects possible.

I also staggered across a name, or theme if you will; The Tomb of the Dragon's Eye.This model is representing a Vampire Lord on a Zombie Dragon for the Warhammer Fantasy Vampire Counts Army.
 The build went well with some easy joint work due to the plastic/resin that Reaper uses for these bones.
 Now begins the sculpting stage. Lots of joint filling and some rotting innards to add to cover up the wire lines.... wait wire lines.....
 Bam! I never liked the color green.... always seems evil.
In other news, the North Africa German Airfield is progressing quickly with just the airplanes, runway, and sandbags needing painting now.

Thanks for checking in!

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