Thursday, February 13, 2014

Rising Sun

 BAM! The Imperial Army of Japan is finished. Finished off the rest of the armies special weapons and artillery along with a Veteran Jungle squad.
 These gun loaders get really overheated having to get the muzzle brush and ramrod the gun powder bundles down the barrel of this gun c. 1862.

 These veteran infantry show up some of the Japanese keen sense of blending into the dense jungles of the pacific. I really enjoyed doing a bright jungle leaf high light to contrast the tan over tones.

 The main leader of this platoon and his trusty radio operator for all his take out needs.

 A little custom flame thrower pack and gully suited snipers rounds out the Bolt action army.

Up next, a North Africa Airfield 4x6 terrain board for the Chicagoland Adepticon Bolt action event.

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