Wednesday, April 10, 2013

High Noon

Welcome to Paradiso. This ain't no Whitefall or Ariel, but it can be home. We have plenty of jobs in the silver mines but be careful, medical supplies are few and far between. Like any out lying town, you can always wet y'all whistles at the saloon.

The Paradiso playset can either be a 14x18 saloon, or it can be quartered and put into the corners of your set up for a crossroads showdown! That is more darn tooting fun than a salt lick in a pig pen.

So get your six shooters loaded and bring your best wrangling skills to the table, this one is gonna be a barn burner...

This little piece of tumble weed will host many brawls and scrums at the upcoming Legends of the Old West demo games at Adepticon. Make sure to stop on by and check it out for yourself! 


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  2. This looks great! Thanks so much for taking on this job. I can't wait to use this in my game at Adepticon.